Among the busy hallways and the fast-paced rhythm of life at a school, around every corner in the academic buildings and on the athletic fields, there are servant leaders – young and old, students and faculty – who embody the life and mission of TMI. Each with his or her own story of struggle, perseverance, accomplishment, innovation, service, and leadership. Through this blog, “Behind the Classroom: Developing Servant Leaders,” we hope to showcase some of those stories, discuss ideas relating to servant leadership, and bring you into the halls of TMI with an in-depth look of life, community, and passion here at the school.

Founded in 1893 by the Rt. Rev. James Steptoe Johnston, D.D., Bishop of West Texas, TMI was originally known as West Texas Military Academy. Its stated purpose was to prepare boys for entrance into college or the business of life with intellectual standing and unsurpassed moral tone. TMI has been developing servant leaders since day one through its aims of thorough instruction and Christian training, emphasizing a sense of moral responsibility. “Character is the only true wealth,” Bishop Johnston said, and this statement couldn’t be represented better than through the graduates of TMI.

Join us as we take you through the halls of TMI through the experiences and minds of our students, faculty, and staff.

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