TMI Headmaster talks Servant Leadership on Great Day SA

Last week, TMI Headmaster The Rev. Scott J. Brown had a chance to share his passion for the school during an interview on Great Day SA. Remarking on the school’s approaching 125-year history, while the methods and times have changed since its founding in 1893, continuing the mission to prepare students for college and life has not. Taking pride in a community that is collaborative, creative, and innovative, the real credit goes to the outstanding faculty who give their full dedication to shaping the lives of our students.

Throughout their formative years spent at TMI, students are taught and guided to become servant leaders. The school’s commitment to service, community, and leadership opportunities underline the deeper meaning of servant leadership, that we can have a greater impact when we’re focused on serving the world and making life better for those around us. The Rev. Brown summed it up as he said, “not only are our students graduating and going forth to be the best in their communities, they’re going forth to be the best for their community.”

Watch the full Great Day SA interview below and hear more from The Rev. Brown as he talks about the importance of daily chapel, pausing in the midst of a busy day to breathe and come together in community, and the long tradition of Episcopal schools in shaping both the head and the heart.

If you have your own experience or story of servant leadership, we’d love for you to share it below in the comments.

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