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Electronic Engineering students bring their final projects to life

Just one week before graduation, TMI’s Electronic Engineering students had a chance to show off their final projects. Their imaginations were the limit as they developed and refined their ideas, using either the Arduino programmable microcontroller or Raspberry Pi to bring their creations to life. Some were even able to make use of the school’s 3D printer to design and create parts for their projects. By the end of the semester, students rose to the challenge and demonstrated their work, which included an acoustic levitator; alarm system; automatic pet feeder; a twin-authentication security system; robotic arm; quadricopter; and music-coordinated, light-show system.

John Michael Lopez ’18 shows off his music-coordinated light-show system.
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Innovation and Design focuses on cross-curricular, applied learning this fall

In a first-of-its-kind, cross-curricular course, TMI math teachers Eric Drake and Travis Waddington are teaming up to teach a project-based, applied course incorporating math, science, art, and communication skills this fall. Students will use engineering and design to think outside the box and reinvent projects for real-world scenarios. While their technical writing and communication skills will be honed as they pitch projects to subject-matter experts, their problem-solving skills will be put to the test in an application environment. This new Innovation and Design class will give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and surpass the limits of courses they’ve already mastered at TMI, while pursuing their own passions.

Innovation and Design Instructors Waddington and Drake
Mr. Travis Waddington (left) and LTC (Ret.) Eric Drake
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