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Jill Cross featured on NAIS Member Voices podcast

Jill Cross, TMI Episcopal

TMI’s Dean of Curriculum and Instruction, Jill Cross, had the opportunity to share her passion earlier this month with the NAIS Member Voices podcast host and Member Engagement Coordinator, Scott Donaldson.

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Innovation and Design focuses on cross-curricular, applied learning this fall

In a first-of-its-kind, cross-curricular course, TMI math teachers Eric Drake and Travis Waddington are teaming up to teach a project-based, applied course incorporating math, science, art, and communication skills this fall. Students will use engineering and design to think outside the box and reinvent projects for real-world scenarios. While their technical writing and communication skills will be honed as they pitch projects to subject-matter experts, their problem-solving skills will be put to the test in an application environment. This new Innovation and Design class will give students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and surpass the limits of courses they’ve already mastered at TMI, while pursuing their own passions.

Innovation and Design Instructors Waddington and Drake
Mr. Travis Waddington (left) and LTC (Ret.) Eric Drake
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Learning balance with Tranquil Tuesday

The final stretch of the school year has arrived and although students and faculty will be coming back rested from spring break, ready to run the last sprint to summer vacation, many know the feeling will be short lived. Without a doubt, students know the fourth quarter will quickly have them working tirelessly writing papers, studying for exams, and preparing to close out another school year.

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Join Me In The Cloud

I’ve been a long-time user of Google Docs and Google Classroom as a part of my teaching practice, so I was thrilled when I received the go-ahead from TMI to open up a Google Classroom for my AP English Language and Composition course. I explained to my juniors that a benefit would be that they would no longer have to wait for a mutually convenient Flex Time to have a writing conference for reviewing their in-progress drafts. Rather, they could “join me in the cloud” – day or night – to get feedback on their writing in real time or to look at later.

Alice Bilbrey meeting with junior Kristina Samuel in the classroom.
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Faculty Spotlight: Alleyne Rogers, Latin 3, breaking away from the textbook

“It’s my favorite class,” was the first thing I heard, unprompted, as I snuck into Mr. Alleyne Roger’s Latin 3 Honors class before the bell rang.

The students were chatting amongst themselves, excited for the day’s lesson. Their eyes were bright and they were smiling. I quickly learned this was just the norm.

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