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Learning Servant Leadership

Summer Service Commissioning

A week before final exams, about 50 students at TMI Episcopal are invited to come up front during daily chapel to be recognized for summer plans that involve community service–volunteering as a camp counselor, in an animal shelter, at a food bank, on church mission trips and in many other settings.

“We are all gathered here as members of the TMI family, bound together by our common identity as servant leaders,” says The Rev. Nathan Bostian, the school’s chaplain, “to go forth from here to serve others in our communities, and around the world.” The students receive blessings on their work, from Father Nate and through the responsorial prayers of the rest of the student body and faculty.
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Students lead awareness rally

Acting as true Servant Leaders, the TMI Student Council led a powerful awareness rally in remembrance of the Columbine High School shooting 19 years ago today, to bring the community together to share the messages of unity and love.

Students challenged the community to ask themselves what they can do every day to make a difference; start change in the communities you are a part of, then we can change the world. Honor the lives lost to school violence by making a difference in the lives of others; welcome and make new friends, brighten someone’s day, and show kindness through your actions.

Using music, prayer, poetry, and sharing their own personal stories, students embraced and echoed the message and theme this school year that “We belong to each other” from Romans 12:5-6.

Preparing for college with a year abroad

For many young adults, the path after high school is simple: college. But what happens when a student chooses to take the road less traveled and experience life in new ways, before taking the next step into college? This is exactly what recent TMI graduate JuliaGrace Walker ’17 is learning during her current gap year in Ecuador.

From taking the wrong bus and ending up lost in a foreign city to facing the impending moment of finding a spit-roasted guinea pig on her dinner plate, JuliaGrace eloquently describes how her life at TMI prepared her to take this leap of faith and go on this journey. In this Q&A interview, JuliaGrace shares how the lessons she’s learning this year, outside the classroom, are preparing her with broader life experiences and heightening her excitement for attending college next fall.

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TMI Headmaster talks Servant Leadership on Great Day SA

Last week, TMI Headmaster The Rev. Scott J. Brown had a chance to share his passion for the school during an interview on Great Day SA. Remarking on the school’s approaching 125-year history, while the methods and times have changed since its founding in 1893, continuing the mission to prepare students for college and life has not. Taking pride in a community that is collaborative, creative, and innovative, the real credit goes to the outstanding faculty who give their full dedication to shaping the lives of our students.
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