Hands-on projects teach more than just science

One might expect chemistry to be boring, but this sophomore science class is lab after lab of engaging, hands-on projects that have the students interacting, problem-solving, and even presenting their work to faculty members who are invited to judge and review their finished products. Read on to take a quick peek inside Mr. Jorge Serrato’s chemistry class for a behind-the-scenes look at their recent “hot rocks” project.

Hot Rocks Lab Presentation
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Join Me In The Cloud

I’ve been a long-time user of Google Docs and Google Classroom as a part of my teaching practice, so I was thrilled when I received the go-ahead from TMI to open up a Google Classroom for my AP English Language and Composition course. I explained to my juniors that a benefit would be that they would no longer have to wait for a mutually convenient Flex Time to have a writing conference for reviewing their in-progress drafts. Rather, they could “join me in the cloud” – day or night – to get feedback on their writing in real time or to look at later.

Alice Bilbrey meeting with junior Kristina Samuel in the classroom.
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“Know. Understand. Do.” Designing exceptional learning experiences

There’s an excitement in the air, one that can only be created knowing the school year is half over and the spring-semester sprint has begun. The voices and rushed activities of students fill the hallways and the faculty are newly energized after the winter break. Arriving back a day early, our teachers enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a full day of professional development led by Dr. Donnell Gregory, a member of ASCD’s Understanding by Design® and FIT Teaching™ Cadres.

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Preparing for college with a year abroad

For many young adults, the path after high school is simple: college. But what happens when a student chooses to take the road less traveled and experience life in new ways, before taking the next step into college? This is exactly what recent TMI graduate JuliaGrace Walker ’17 is learning during her current gap year in Ecuador.

From taking the wrong bus and ending up lost in a foreign city to facing the impending moment of finding a spit-roasted guinea pig on her dinner plate, JuliaGrace eloquently describes how her life at TMI prepared her to take this leap of faith and go on this journey. In this Q&A interview, JuliaGrace shares how the lessons she’s learning this year, outside the classroom, are preparing her with broader life experiences and heightening her excitement for attending college next fall.

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