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‘Tis the (College Admission) Season

After nearly two months surviving on five hours of sleep a night or less, Mrs. Sarah Murphy, TMI’s Director of College Placement, can finally breathe a sigh of relief…at least for a week or two until the next flurry of college placement workshops, application deadlines, and letters of recommendation are due.

I sat down with Mrs. Murphy a week after she and the Department of College Placement hosted the second annual College Admissions Symposium Night at TMI on November 1. The program provided Upper School students and their parents a unique opportunity to hear directly from college admissions representatives and how each school looks at applications and considers students in their admission process. Mrs. Murphy described it as a real “eye-opener” for parents and students alike. Last year, representatives from Southern Methodist University, Southwestern University, University of Rochester, and Rhodes College were on the panel. This year, Emory University and Hendrix College joined Southern Methodist University to comprise the panel and represent a variety of university sizes and processes.
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Faculty Spotlight: Alleyne Rogers, Latin 3, breaking away from the textbook

“It’s my favorite class,” was the first thing I heard, unprompted, as I snuck into Mr. Alleyne Roger’s Latin 3 Honors class before the bell rang.

The students were chatting amongst themselves, excited for the day’s lesson. Their eyes were bright and they were smiling. I quickly learned this was just the norm.

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TMI Headmaster talks Servant Leadership on Great Day SA

Last week, TMI Headmaster The Rev. Scott J. Brown had a chance to share his passion for the school during an interview on Great Day SA. Remarking on the school’s approaching 125-year history, while the methods and times have changed since its founding in 1893, continuing the mission to prepare students for college and life has not. Taking pride in a community that is collaborative, creative, and innovative, the real credit goes to the outstanding faculty who give their full dedication to shaping the lives of our students.
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Among the busy hallways and the fast-paced rhythm of life at a school, around every corner in the academic buildings and on the athletic fields, there are servant leaders – young and old, students and faculty – who embody the life and mission of TMI. Each with his or her own story of struggle, perseverance, accomplishment, innovation, service, and leadership. Through this blog, “Behind the Classroom: Developing Servant Leaders,” we hope to showcase some of those stories, discuss ideas relating to servant leadership, and bring you into the halls of TMI with an in-depth look of life, community, and passion here at the school.
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