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Electronic Engineering students bring their final projects to life

Just one week before graduation, TMI’s Electronic Engineering students had a chance to show off their final projects. Their imaginations were the limit as they developed and refined their ideas, using either the Arduino programmable microcontroller or Raspberry Pi to bring their creations to life. Some were even able to make use of the school’s 3D printer to design and create parts for their projects. By the end of the semester, students rose to the challenge and demonstrated their work, which included an acoustic levitator; alarm system; automatic pet feeder; a twin-authentication security system; robotic arm; quadricopter; and music-coordinated, light-show system.

John Michael Lopez ’18 shows off his music-coordinated light-show system.

This year-long class was developed two years ago at TMI to introduce students to the world of technology and engineering, principally through a practical introduction to both analog and digital electronic systems. Various hands-on projects throughout the year engage students in a collaborative, problem-solving environment and give them the opportunity to develop creative solutions for real problems. Ultimately, the class gives students a deeper understanding of how science, mathematics, and engineering are a part of their everyday world, and why it is important for every citizen to be technologically and scientifically literate.

Rising senior Owen Guo explains to Dr. Matt Blake ’85, Head of Upper School, how his quadricopter works.

Interested in getting your child involved in engineering-related projects and fields? Discover TMI’s various STEM-focused and robotic summer camps that teach the basics of Raspberry Pi, programming in Python, coding in Blockly, FIRST Tech Challenge robotics programming, DC electronics, and more. Beginning engineering-focused camps are open to students as young as five, while advanced programming and robotics camps are available for older students 11 and up. Learn more at

Contributed by Stephanie Gish
Director of Community Relations, TMI

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